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 BonBon Cookie Dough is the best tasting and the most well-received cookie dough brand in school fundraising. 

No other brand compares in quality or taste. This is even evident in the reaction you get when you tell people that your next school fundraising campaign is going to be BonBon cookie dough. BonBon Cookie Dough is one of the only brands that uses real Hershey's chocolate in the flavors that require chocolate and Reeses Pieces in the peanut butter flavor! Watch your profits soar with BonBon Cookie Dough - "It's so nice you have to say it twice!"

It's simple and easy to run and deliver too!  In fact our delivery team will be there to do all the heavy lifting and sorting for you!

Why is the reaction to BonBon Cookie Dough like that? Much of it has to do with the reputation that BonBon has for quality and great taste. That reputation comes from the way it taste and the way it is made.

  • From real creamy butter to fresh whole eggs, select nuts, wholesome rolled oats, and premium chocolate, BonBon knows that quality matters and it starts with quality ingredients.

  • BonBon brand cookie dough contains Zero Grams trans fat.

  • It is quickly frozen right after being mixed to ensure the height of freshness is delivered
    to your door. It taste great every time you bake it!
  • It's even pre-portioned for freezer-to-oven convenience.

  • 48 Pre-portioned cookies packaged in convenient and "Stay Fresh" bags.                 

  • Beautiful Order Taker Brochures    

Ingredients List for BonBon Cookie Dough 


If you are in the Houston, Austin or Dallas/Fort Worth area, Your order will arrive on an Aim Fundraising truck... it will be off-loaded and stacked by flavor, and sorted by student and placed exactly where you want it by trained and courteous Aim Fundraising delivery team members. All of this is done at no charge to you.*

* Free shipping on orders of 400 pieces or more.

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